Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) using the principles of Freudian repression as his basis, asserts that you can evaluate a person's needs for power and achievement, ambition and his ability to solve the problem by generating conscious state and get to use his subject's repressed emotions to express their response to the tests given to him. This test is often used to assess individuals who apply for employment in fields such as law enforcement, the military, education, bureaucracy and other fields of national and international importance.
Thematic Apperception Test: An Overview

Two American psychologists Henry a. Murray and Christiana d. Morgan was responsible for the development of the size of the proyektif that is used to assess and analyze how a person thinks, what his thought pattern is, his attitude toward different situations, the capacity and the ability to observe the situation and the way in which the person is to respond to the different test materials that are intentionally vague in nature. TAT was developed in the 1930s at Harvard. It was after the second world war that the tests used more by psychoanalysts throughout the country to assist people who have been hurt emotionally by the war and its impact. In the 1970s, TAT became a tool in the world, where people can understand themselves and help them grow, regardless of whether or not they have suffered any emotional trauma. TAT-test is one of the most widely used projections of psychology in the world along with the Rorschach method.

TAT using 31 cards with pictures. Each card has a picture of man in different situations. These images are generally provocative without directly or pointing in a certain direction. Of the 31 pictures shown to the subject, it's ten determined by gender. Although initially, the card is designed in a way that psychologists can pick ten cards depending on the age and gender of the subject is undergoing tests, all of the cards, which is vague in nature, can be used for a wide variety of themes. Using a special card to the subject though, can deliver better results. The person indicated the cards needed to develop a story about the pictures being shown. For the proper interpretation, the subject or the person who is being shown cards, need to include the following features when telling stories.

Psikometri testing conducted for the assessment of personality or mental abilities. Daily life example of where these tests used include the recruitment process. Psychological thinking and mental abilities of candidates can be assessed with this test. This is the Office-based tests can also be done with the help of a software application. Depending on the depth of this test, the question may be simple or complex. Most of the simple test takes 15 minutes to complete. Let's understand what psikometri used to test and the nature of these tests from the information presented below.
Psikometri Testing: A Review

Assessment of a person's ability to solve problems and to get to know more about his/her personality is the main goal of the psikometri test. Questions to test a person's ability/skills expected to be answered in a way that is tied to time. Personality tests aim to understand more about the characteristics/traits of the person concerned. More than just understanding what the test psikometri, information relating to the different aspects to be useful.

Assessment of abilities: abilities and skills possessed by a person is tested by means of the test with time-bound objective approach. Cognitive ability is tested in this test are categorized as conceptual, verbal, numerical, spatial, emotional and mechanical.

Conceptual reasoning: intelligence aspects of the candidate's given fluid is important in the assessment of the conceptual reasoning process. Testing the ability to understand complex information and use it for troubleshooting purposes.

The personality of a man played an important role in all communication, and social skills play a significant role in one's life. The psychoanalytic or psychoanalysis, by itself, which dikonotasikan as the techniques and theories are used to examine the underlying motives or issues, and even the logic of action and people's minds. Psychoanalysis is an important part of almost all significant and disciplines related psychology and psycho-dynamic psychotherapies. This brings us to the theory of psychoanalysis. This theory mainly covers some very diverse research and principles set by some academics. Although psychoanalytic theory or approach to studying human psychology embody the thinking of some of the works, the theory and coverage. The same basis represented by two pioneering works by Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson. Although it is not possible to put the theory in a few paragraphs, the following is the abstract of my understanding. One must always bear in mind one very important thing when psychoanalytic theory affect, it's abstract, unexpected, and the discipline itself has an adventure that is contrary to the word of the infinite.
So broad is the scope and approach of the theory, that it was used, not only in psychology but is also a component of the disciplines and professions ranging from medicine, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, history, and anything that involves humans, large enough, right?

What is the theory of psychoanalytic

Ordinary people like you and me, it would be very uncomfortable to read Freud's works, since they are mostly associated with human sexuality in the most basic social institution-the family. But, believe it or not, regardless of the number of arguments and criticisms of Freud's works are regarded as pioneering work from the theory of psychoanalysis and approach. The basic thesis of this theory and approaches can be considered here.

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