The personality of a man played an important role in all communication, and social skills play a significant role in one's life. The psychoanalytic or psychoanalysis, by itself, which dikonotasikan as the techniques and theories are used to examine the underlying motives or issues, and even the logic of action and people's minds. Psychoanalysis is an important part of almost all significant and disciplines related psychology and psycho-dynamic psychotherapies. This brings us to the theory of psychoanalysis. This theory mainly covers some very diverse research and principles set by some academics. Although psychoanalytic theory or approach to studying human psychology embody the thinking of some of the works, the theory and coverage. The same basis represented by two pioneering works by Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson. Although it is not possible to put the theory in a few paragraphs, the following is the abstract of my understanding. One must always bear in mind one very important thing when psychoanalytic theory affect, it's abstract, unexpected, and the discipline itself has an adventure that is contrary to the word of the infinite.
So broad is the scope and approach of the theory, that it was used, not only in psychology but is also a component of the disciplines and professions ranging from medicine, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, history, and anything that involves humans, large enough, right?

What is the theory of psychoanalytic

Ordinary people like you and me, it would be very uncomfortable to read Freud's works, since they are mostly associated with human sexuality in the most basic social institution-the family. But, believe it or not, regardless of the number of arguments and criticisms of Freud's works are regarded as pioneering work from the theory of psychoanalysis and approach. The basic thesis of this theory and approaches can be considered here.

Human behavior in any form are not deployed in the spur of the moment. According to Freud's theories, the concept of human behavior is a derivation of the human experience. According to this theory, human behavior is substantially influenced by factors that include, the motives, the conscious mind and the subconscious and striking experience embedded in the subconscious. There will be no one single definition of psychoanalytic, due to the fact that stunningly dynamic, variable and very, very unexpected. Irrational factors of the factions were due largely to the fact that often, humans and society itself, both unexpected and significantly has the behavior of permutations and combinations. Among the works of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis, there are two important ' base ' theory of psychoanalysis.

In the first work, Freud extensively describes the stages of the development of psikoseksual, where in he is dealing with what is known as the 5 stages of development of the individual in the institution of the family.
The second part includes the study of conscious, subconscious and even human ego.

The second element is further study led to other studies that include studies of desires, traumas from childhood, and a few other such effects. It's the same premise applied by psychiatrists that some modern psychoanalytic therapy and the therapy of other trauma relief.

The approach by Erik Erickson, on the other hand, is much different and more prominent on the ego. Erickson went on to explain better about that issue by studying the human mind that is associated with the ego, trust, autonomy, shame, guilt, etc. this theory known as psychosocial development. The significance is that the experience of the theory, always leads to our action today. Like Freud, Erikson's theory theory is also divided into stages. The difference is that there are 8 stages and they are dealing with a conflict of emotions and situations. As an example of trust and distrust. The broad scope of this theory is such that this approach is often used, sometimes unconsciously, in particular psychosocial evaluation in the decision-making process.

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