On a blog titled "Violent Acres", V has told a story in three parts of her life with an extremely malignant narcissist. Not that she calls her mother a narcissist. I am calling her mother a narcissist.

The horrendous treatment V received from her mother is everyday stuff for children of narcissists. For people who don't have a clue what it is to be raised by a narcissist they choose to believe the child is lying, exaggerating and otherwise horrible for saying such things. V describes the overwhelming loneliness and desperation borne of not being believed. No salvation for a child who is nearly powerless to stop the torment. The Geneva Convention demands better treatment for prisoners of war than what V was experiencing at the hand of her so-called mother. If you are a child of a narcissist, you'll believe the narrative of V because you'll recognize the beast.

What children of narcissists need to heal their souls is that at least one person in the world believes them.

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