or....that word "malignant" is just another word for evil

If someone knows the difference between right and wrong but persistently chooses to do wrong, to cause harm, to injure, to kill (the body or soul), we can safely assign to that person the term evil. Because this is my blog, I'll elaborate.

The concept of evil has been around as long as humanity has. You may choose to believe it doesn't exist, but you would have to be either 1) a uniquely oblivious person or 2) evil yourself. (A convenient dodge for evil people is to do away with the term and they suddenly are free of exposure.) For the rest of you who are able to conceive that evil does exist, let's look at the concept as it relates to the malignant narcissist.

Among the various definitions of evil we find this one:

adj. : having or exerting a malignant influence

All the definitions of evil apply to the malignant narcissist, but let us focus on this one. Let's look at the word "malignant" because it is the word that is part of their official moniker, malignant narcissist. What is malignance? "Threating to life" "Highly injurious" "Disposed to do evil" "Malevolence".

We've already observed that narcissists have to have every shred of attention. What is attention but regard? Consideration? A value judgment? To withhold all attention and kindly human regard is a de valuation of you as a person. There is nothing more calculated to kill a human spirit than consistent de valuation of their humanity. This persistent behavior of the narcissist is pure malevolence. It is the "malignant" in the term malignant narcissist. I wish the psych community would dispense with the term "malignant" and come right out with it: evil narcissist.

The evil narcissist has to have it all. ("It all" refers not only to attention but to any good thing the N wants and you have.) Every bit of everything. If you have any, you must surrender it to the narcissist. If someone must have it all, then, in their minds, you must have nothing. To actively work toward the goal of depriving you of any good thing is a clear demonstration of "ill will". (The constant effort of the narcissist is to deprive you of anything that would prove your humanity which makes it easy for them to treat you like you're nothing. Not human. Therefore, you're not deserving of anything that the narcissist wants and you have.)

Another word for "ill will" is malevolent:

  1. Having or exhibiting ill will; wishing harm to others; malicious.
  2. Having an evil or harmful influence.
  3. Characterized by intense ill will or spite
  4. hateful
Malevolence toward another is evil.

We have seen that the malignant narcissist has an awareness of right and wrong by their many efforts to conceal their bad deeds. It is safe to assume that the narcissist has an active mindset of ill will, evil intent, malevolence toward others because of the pervasive pattern of their concealing behaviors. Do not waste your life believing the narcissist has good intentions. They are intent on having it all....that consistently translates into evil outcomes for you.

Statement of fact: the narcissist is evil. They are not poor souls who are always intending good only to have the outcome consistently end up bad for others. No, their intent is malignant. Evil. They know what is good and right and choose to do the opposite. Only when their behavior is liable to reflect poorly on them will they appear to do a good thing. But the intentions underneath are always all about them getting it all. In the dark with their vulnerable victims they reveal the truth of who they are....evil incarnate. If you've been in the dark with one of these creatures of the night then you know I have stated the truth about their evil characters.

Deny this truth at your own risk.

2 Response to 'The Malignant Narcissist'

  1. celina Said,

    Yes this is very true. I was sat on one couch in my living room and my ex malignant narc hubby was sat on the other couch. We were watching a movie in the dark(no lights on!) And I said to him "im scared", to which he jumped up and turned light back on. I FELT his evil presence. It was terrifying!!!!!


  2. Bella Said,

    My daughter works with an evil narcissist. This woman makes everyone's life hell, but the rest of the staff seem not to know how to deal with her. Since I also have an evil narcissist for a mother, I have been training my daughter in how to deal with them. The other day I found my daughter at work and she was crying. This woman had been bullying her again. While I was talking to my daughter and she was telling me what happened, the N turned up and got in my daughter's face continually asking her what was the matter as though she was simply a concerned bystander. Then she claimed loudly that my daughter couldn't work 'in that state'. By this time I was sure of who I was dealing with and told this woman that my daughter was not in a state, and that she was a bit upset but would be fine shortly. This woman threw a tantrum in the middle of a public place shouting and waving her arms about. She left after I took my daughter aside, but then came back again for another go. This time I confronted the woman and told her if she didn't back off I would go and talk to her superior.

    Interestingly, this triggered a typical response. She herself went and got her superior but we found out afterwards she tried to get the jump in by telling the boss that it was my daughter who had the problem and was 'having a meltdown'. Then she spent the next week telling everyone she knew that my daughter was basically incompetent. Nobody believed her because they all know what this woman is like.

    But in response to the comments about evil and knowing they are doing wrong, this woman knew she was the culprit and had upset my daughter. She was desperate therefore to go and make sure everyone saw her as the good person when she knew she wasn't. Her conscience was telling her she was bad, and her actions proved that.


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