I have been mulling over at least a couple topics to blog on over the last week. Haven't gotten to the point of putting the words down. Now I've been subjected to a mind flush. What happened? Late last night I checked my email just before heading off to bed and found a most unwelcome sight. An email from my sister.

Good grief.

She sends it on the eve of Mother's Day and doesn't even acknowledge that fact. It was a missive that shows she is still all wrapped up in herself. Thankfully, the effect of her email on me was minimal in terms of emotions. I read it...rolled my eyes multiple times...and went to bed. She didn't even disturb my sleep. A good sign. But, nevertheless, I have to decide where to go from here. Hence, the mind flush.

I will likely be posting her email here so ya'll can see it for yourself. Of course, it will not mean much to you if you haven't read my past posts on "My Sister". There are 23 posts under that label. If there is one post that best encapsulates my relationship with my sister ... especially as an adult... it is this one titled, "Are We Required to Keep a Sibling in Our Lives?" At the very least, you'll need to read that post to begin to "get" my sister's latest attempt to shoehorn herself back into my life.

I'm going off to enjoy Mother's Day by not thinking about my sister any more. She doesn't deserve my energies on this day. Best wishes to all of you out there who are loving mothers. I hope you find quiet joy and contentment with all the blessings being a good mother affords.

Stay tuned.

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