First, make sure it is in the middle of the day. You're not truly relaxing unless your slacking off on a perfect summer day.

Next, find that unmade bed. You know the one...the bed you didn't make because you were relaxing earlier in the day.

Stretch out in your favorite position, like this:

Okay. This last part is really important. Ignore the idiot with the camera and calmly close your eyes preparatory to the nice long nap you're going to take:

Oh, yeah. Dat's it. Floating in the zone.

If you did it right you'll look like this an hour later:

These helpful de-stressing tips are brought to you by the Narcissist's Suck mascot, Sherbie. If you're lucky he'll grace you with more helpful tips in the future. Just remember: it's all about the naps. Zen, baby, zen.

P.S. If you click on the pics they will give you a more life-like representation of this 22 pound ambulatory hair-ball.

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