How to spot a dangerous man before engaging

What is the book The man is dangerous?

* 8 categories of dangerous men
* Signs and Symptoms
* Warning Signs
* Checklists
* Their behavior Sabotaging the owner
* Why do women date a dangerous man
* The profiles of women seeking

It also includes recommended books and clinical references which may be more education on the issue of victimization. 's Interview with Sandra recently wrote an article about the book and met with Sandra. Here's the lead-in of the article:

Attn: single women

Before tonight's date, you may want to head to the bookstore and read about who might be the meeting: a dangerous man. Sandra L. Brown, MA, will tell you all about it in How to spot a dangerous man before getting involved.

Although they are a group Girlfriendbooks married here, I still remember clearly this day alone. Fortunately, we have achieved without this book, do not marry "dangerous" men, but now to think, we're pretty sure some of these "dangerous" men crossed our paths. (Definitely, said a distress in college.)

To our friends just do yourself a favor and read this book. This is not the typical self-help. Sandra L. Brown, MA years of experience knows what he is talking. She can save you from intensive care, or possibly save your life.

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